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Bolivar Cofradia Cask Aged

November 24th, 2009
by Mike

Size: 6.1 x 49.25 was measured (supposed to be 6.12 x 52, Delmonico)
Strength: Full
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatran
Filler: Honduran & Nicaraguan
Binder: Connecticut

Bolivar Cofradia

Bolivar Cofradia

There aren’t too many reviews on this cigar and it’s not exactly all over the place either, but JRCigars was having a sale on these and I bartered my way into 5 from a BOTL on the JoeCigar banter. I had learned of this sale on and the people there had rather positive things to say about it and it looked tasty, so what the heck, right? So, I took one to Poland with me and I really enjoyed it one night rather intoxicated on a park bench while drinking a beer. So, I figured now I have to try one sober, at home, with my laptop so I can give it a real review, so here we go:

This stick is one of those sticks that just looks like I’d expect a hand rolled cigar to look like. It’s clearly not perfectly symmetrical – almost rugged looking, but I don’t seem to mind. The wrapper is a nice dark brown with a few medium veins running through it and it’s almost impossible to tell where the wrapper was rolled. This is a tasty looking stick. The ring is elegant with the face of some old school South American dude – seems fitting.

Bolivar Cofradia

Bolivar Cofradia

As mentioned above, the cigar is not perfectly symmetrical, but I don’t really want to dock it points for that reason as it doesn’t seem to try to be. Density appears to be consistent throughout and the variations mentioned earlier are truly minor. The stick appears to be well rolled and there are no issues with the wrapper, despite the fact that it came without a sleeve. It does come in a tad under the stated ring gauge though.

Bolivar Cofradia

The aroma of this cigar is just heavenly. It’s right up my alley for what a strong cigar should smell like. It’s bold and spicy, but not too spicy and doesn’t have any hint of dried fruits. Maybe some leather and some earth in the smell? Anyways, it’s definitely strong, and might offend some people around you (for which it loses half a point), but for me it’s a delight. Smelling it makes me want to take another drag.

The burn is razor sharp all the way through. The first ash falls at just over 1″, but it leaves a perfect cone shaped cherry. This stick can be left alone for 10 minutes or more and it keeps on burning (I know, b/c I got ticketed for drinking on a park bench in Poland and had to run to the ATM to pay off the cops…). The second ash fell at a very respectable 2.25″. I was impressed that it held even after being picked up and set down several times.

Draw is right at about medium, maybe light-to-medium. This produces a fair amount of creamy white smoke at first that seems to intensify the further I get into the stick. This might not be the creamiest of sticks, but it’s up there and the smoke is very tasty and somewhat heavy – you can almost feel it rolling off of your tongue. Draw could be a little tighter, but not a major complaint.

This cigar lit very smooth – a surprising characteristic for a full flavored cigar. The flavors quickly start building though and it has a nutty but very earthy taste to it with a hint of bitter coffee and maybe some leather. It’s never rough, always smooth, but full of a deep flavor that I want to call dark… it just tastes all things dark… As we start to progress a little further I’m getting more earth, more leather, with a hint of dark bitter chocolate. As we start to approach the first full third, it’s becoming even more full-flavored and leaves a sort of dry aftertaste… this cigar really pairs well with a drink – almost any beer, whiskey or bourbon I think could be paired with this stick. (I will note that burps after this cigar are extremely tasty.) I’m starting to have a harder time trying to figure out these flavors as there’s so much going on now. There’s some pepper and spice starting to build, definitely earthiness and cocoa, some leather and now definitely a strong tobacco flavor, but a good tobacco flavor. This cigar is definitely unlike anything else I’ve smoked to date. The aftertaste is quite full in flavor and it lingers for quite some time. It might be even better with a slightly sweeter wrapper, but that is not this cigar’s style (therefore a sweeter drink like bourbon is welcome). About half way in I hit a few drags that were lighter than the rest and along with the aforementioned flavors they had a strange sourness to them… it was definitely displeasing and I don’t recall this with the last stick I smoked, but it appears to have gone away after 5 – 6 drags. We’re back to the earthy tobacco flavors with a slight nuttiness and some pepper and spice. There is still a definite cocoa/coffee hint as well. Over half way through the stick the aftertaste seems to have picked up a stronger cocoa/coffee hint to it mixed with earthiness and leather. It’s one of the more full flavored aftertastes around. Definitely not subtle. Throughout the rest of the second half it was pretty much more of the same – a play of earth, leather, and tobacco with some cocoa, dark coffee and pepper or spice. It didn’t evolve much over the life of the stick, but the flavors were consistently good and consistently complex, so I can’t really complain about that. That full flavored aftertaste was always there.

At retail price of $5.50, this stick definitely holds it’s own, but at the $3/stick for which it was had, it’s an even better deal. Can’t complain about a full-flavored stick at this price. It can hold it’s own against a Diesel or MOW any day. It’s different from both and can be a nice alternative for full flavored fans. If I had more room in the humi right now I’d be picking up more, but I guess I’ll just have to stay on the lookout for a deal in the future. This is a very pleasant and unique stick that reserves its spot in the lineup.

Retail Price: $5.50

Appearance: (4.5/5)
Construction: (4.25/5)
Aroma: (9.5/10)
Burn/Ash: (9.5/10)
Draw/Smoke: (18.5/20)
Flavor: (33/35)
Overall/Value: (13.75/15)
Final Score: (93/100)

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